Landy NPO Services works with Clients to review, analyze and determine operational strengths, and areas where improvement may be made. These services range from taking an inventory of Client operations to program evaluation to a full operational audit as dictated by the Client’s goals and needs. All of these services are designed and implemented to make sure your organization is the best it can be.

  • We have an experienced team to assist with such an assessment. Landy NPO Services will discuss the results of the work with the Client and jointly identify strengths, objectives, and areas that may be improved. Through this work challenges and opportunities will be identified.
  • Your organization will receive a complete report containing the results of the work. The report will identify areas reflecting best practices and innovation, and will raise concerns if and as noted. The report should serve both as a “report card” of the organization, and as an action plan to improve those areas of concern. The goal is to make your organization the best.
  • As directed, Landy will work with your organization to implement the action plan, including training, dialogue, and actual residence as required.
  • A Client who hires our firm for this function must be engaged in this process. This includes granting our limited access to board members, management, staff and clients (law permitting); access to data and documents; access to the Client’s physical space; and access to Client’s processes, policies, systems, and infrastructure.
  • Client cooperation with Landy in all phases and functions of the consult is essential to the consult’s success. Although the process may be outside the organization’s routine, the objective of both Landy and the Client is to create a culture and processes so that the organization will fulfill its goals and objectives, and successfully complete its mission.