Kevin Lamar is one of the managing members of Landy NPO Services, LLC and Grumar Ltd. These organizations and their team serve nonprofits in the several non-program areas, including but not limited to strategic planning, grant writing and management, fundraising, compliance auditing, board and leadership development and accounting/finance functions. Kevin’s has extensive professional experience in finance, accounting, grant writing and support. He has worked in accounting. Kevin served as vice president in commercial banking for over 20 years with a regional bank in the Midwest. He currently is serving as the financial manager for a metals company in Ohio.

In addition to his involvement with of Landy NPO Services, LLC and Grumar Ltd., Kevin owns Charity Funding Resources, LLC, which identifies funding sources for nonprofit and charitable organizations and writes grants. He has volunteered and advised numerous nonprofit organizations at the Board of Director and executive committee level. The focus through his board governance efforts have been in the areas of finance, internal controls, operations, fundraising and program development. Kevin’s involvement in nonprofit sectors include health care, arts & music, child development, education and community development.

Outside of nonprofit services, Kevin Lamar is involved in various joint venture efforts related to the metal recycling industry and also serves with the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industry in Washington DC.

Kevin received an undergraduate degree in accounting from Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio. His professional training includes Risk Management, Grant Writing, Finance and Accounting, and Strategic Planning.