John is the other managing member of Landy NPO Services, LLC and Grumar Ltd. John’s profession background is law, practiced at a small firm in northeast Ohio. John has extensive education, training and professional experience working with, for and on behalf of not for profit, charitable, ngo and ngo support organizations and causes. John has traveled extensively in the U.S. in support of these organizations, with additional limited travel overseas. John has experience with organizations who serve both domestically and in Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

John’s involvement with these organizations started almost 30 years ago by addressing legal issues, but has evolved into advising and helping organizations with a broad array of other matters, including but not limited to board development and leadership, operational compliance and transparency, and structural, strategic and budgetary planning.

In their work together over the years on various projects for not for profit, charitable, ngo and ngo support organizations, John and Kevin have found that many organizations do an excellent job delivering services but struggle with necessary functions not related to programs. Because John and Kevin have been asked by mutual clients for help in these areas, and have heard several other organizations identify the need for help in these areas, they have formed Landy NPO Services, LLC and Grumar Ltd. to assist organizations to be the best they can be.

John is a member of, and consultant for, several organizations which support, or serve as parent of, charitable and not-for-profit endeavors. He has also served as board member and officer of several non-profit and charitable organizations.