About Landy NPO Services, LLC

Landy NPO Services, LLC was formed to assist charitable organizations and non-profit organizations (“NPO’s”)
to develop the same expertise in administrative tasks they possess
in delivering their services.

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What We Do

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OUR expert consultants

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Kevin Lamar

Kevin Lamar is one of the managing members of Landy NPO Services, LLC and Grumar Ltd. These organizations and their team serve nonprofits in the several non-program areas, including but not limited to strategic planning, grant writing and management, fundraising, compliance auditing, board and leadership development and accounting/finance functions.

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John Grundy

John is the other managing member of Landy NPO Services, LLC and Grumar Ltd. John’s profession background is law, practiced at a small firm in northeast Ohio. John has extensive education, training and professional experience working with, for and on behalf of not for profit, charitable, ngo and ngo support organizations and causes.